Views on Gandhi’s Social Sins

Article III Views on Gandhi’s Social Sins By: Jaren Jay M. Caluag Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi¬†the vanguard of Indian Independence against British rule and also advocate of human rights all over the world, came up with a list of social sins based on his observation ¬†that can be seen to the society today, even myself is […]


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The Wizarding World of Ours

Article II The Wizarding World of Ours by: Jaren Jay Caluag y Mendoza HARRY POTTER!!! One of the most famous fictional wizards conquer the fantasy of million people around the world, but how far we know the likes of them? In the course of humankind’s history, sorcery was associated to ancient rituals either for good […]

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Light and Darkness

Article I Light and Darkness by: Jaren Jay Caluag y Mendoza Have you ever wonder why that throughout the history of mankind light is always associated with good while darkness was bad or evil? well let’s see. Upon reading and studying, I encounter many writers using light as a parallel for good while darkness as […]

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My twilight beginning

Like what Kazuma Shouji said “To make that happen, I have to become strong!” thus let us impart our views to this world where in multiple ideas coexist.

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